Gestalt Project – “Circular Motion”

Gestalt Proj

I chose to create a Ferris wheel using a variety of various-sized colored buttons for my Gestalt Project. The circle is the repeating shape.  I used buttons that I had in my home.  The challenge was finding enough buttons in the same size and color.  I used a circular background covered with a sheet for the background to complement the round Ferris wheel.  Colorful round buttons were used to create the six spokes and the two towers which are attached to the center button that holds it together.  The bucket seats were rounded to keep in alignment with the round shape.  A button with a smiling face depicts one person riding in a seat at the top of the Ferris wheel.  This person can represent anyone who is on the “ride of life.”

The Ferris wheel goes in a circular motion.  The concept of this project symbolizes the “circle of life” which has “ups-and-downs.”  The colors reflect happiness and sadness (opposition).  The Ferris wheel goes in one direction looking forward.  The round shape shows how everything is connected on the Ferris wheel.  Life is similar in the way that we are all connected going in a circular motion at times.