Final Project

Process:  I compiled my designs that I had created this semester and placed them as a JPEG into a PowerPoint Presentation to show what I have accomplished.  I created a light blue rectangle design with rounded corners on each of the slides.  At the bottom of my intro page, I drew an elongated shape then used a larger “Algerian” font to make my title.  The title overlapped the oval shape.  A smaller-sized “Latha” font was used for contrast to create my name.   This same procedure was used on all of the slides for consistency.  The images were placed towards the top right-hand side of the page.  Big split complementary colors blue, green, orange, and purple were used as fill in each of the oval designs.  I used the same consistency with the oval shape and fonts on the conclusion page.

Critique:  My assistant, Juan, thought my PowerPoint looked good but that I should add my contact information on the conclusion page.  Cody and Betsy both thought my images should be a little larger.  I made them a touch larger.  Sister Peterson said to add four pictures on my slide show page.  I saved them in a JPEG and added my first two and last two.  I also moved some of my images down so they didn’t touch the page as she suggested. She thought my oval images were not long enough since some of the words stretched farther than the shape so it looked like the words were hanging.  I stretched the oval totally across the page. I appreciate the insight and advice.  My project looks a lot better.


3 thoughts on “Final Project

  1. Hey Regina! Your project looks great! I like how you changed the oval shapes to be larger to fit all of the text of the larger text. I like how the text emerges from the ovals, bringing the viewer into the rest of the slides. Very nice choice of contrasting fonts, and that you included in on each slide. Good job! Check out Shelyn’s final project, she also used great contrasting fonts:


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