My Savior’s Love

To begin my magazine layout project, I came up with ideas, drew sketches, then chose one to create as a shape map in InDesign.  The shape map helped with the basic frame.  It showed me how to improve my ideas by making a few changes from my sketch.  I created boxes where the images for the images.  My story text will be replacing the placeholder text.  I added my title and a place for a quote from my story.


ReginaHull Shape Map2


The final project is shown below for a story in the Ensign.  I kept my layout fairly similar to the shape map.  Once my text was in the columns, I made a few changes to make it fit better with the layout.  I wanted the images to help portray the message of God’s love.  I used a monochrome color scheme with the blue color.

Critique:  Ben (my tutor) was the first one to critique my project. He suggested changing my font for the title and body copy to match better.  I changed the font and added a blue color behind part of the title.  I Skyped with Lauren on December 3 before 7 p.m. MST.  She liked the quotes with the text wrapped around it.

Fonts:  Title Header – Edwardian Script ITC (decorative) and Bookman Old Style (old style; Body Copy – Bookman Old Style (old style)

Image Sources:

Christ’s hand

Logan Temple

holding hands




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