11A Web Page Layout Project




Process:  The audience for my web design is for people of all ages.  They can purchase clothing for any time of the year.  I began by creating my sketch.  I knew that I wanted a tree in the design.  I liked the thought of using the leaf shapes.  Coming up with the company was a challenge.  The title “____ for All Seasons” came into my mind, but it took a while to decide what I would use for the first word.  Once I chose my company, I decided I wanted to use apparel for all seasons.  The four rows of images represent clothing from each of the different seasons beginning with spring.  The color scheme helped to portray the clothing in each season.  To make the clothing more interesting, I varied the unifying of the boxes in a repetitious way.  I kept the top of the web page design and title of the company fairly simple.  A white outline was added to make the title stand out more.  I layered the look for the letters “A” and the number “4.”   I liked how their shapes also matched the alignment of the tree.  Once my sketch was completed, I made a shape map in Photoshop.  Using that as a guide, I began creating my web design.  I chose various image to depict people wearing clothing in different seasons.  I cropped the images and spent hours taking out the background so that they looked better in my web design.

Critique:  My nephew, Ethan, helped me with the texture for the tree and suggested the outline for the title.  Becky thought the typography got lost in the leaves and suggested bringing it out more in the title and footer.  Hillary agreed with Betsy and thought the footer should be centered.  Sister Peterson suggested changing the opacity which I did.  I also changed it for the colored boxes.  Sister Peterson also suggested placing the images in the alignment and sizes and dragging the tree to the bottom of the page.  I replaced a picture, made the jacket bigger, changed the alignment, and dragged the tree down.

Color Scheme:  triadic (orange, green, and blue)

Fonts:  Sakkal Majella Regular (sans serif)

Links to Images

tree bark texture

men’s spring clothing

women’s spring clothing

girl’s summer clothing

men’s summer clothing

men’s fall clothing

boy’s fall clothing

boy’s winter clothing

women’s winter clothing


2 thoughts on “11A Web Page Layout Project

  1. Great job Regina! Fun idea to have the tree in there and tie it into the theme of the site. I liked how you had the image ideas in the boxes going down the left. I would have possibly put wording on them so you don’t have “mystery” navigation, but I loved how it felt like I could shop for the whole family.

    Have you seen Shelyn’s web layout? She set her’s up as a family website. You can find it here: https://innertaught.wordpress.com/2015/11/28/11a-webpage-layout/


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