10A Movie Poster


Message/Audience: My audience is families or anyone that enjoys an adventurous heartfelt love story. I had searched posters from the 1950’s looking for a classic type of theme. I found a poster for a movie called, “Not of This Earth” with aliens that had been made for teenagers. I considered it but changed my mind after I saw a Halloween picture of myself in my angel costume from last month. I like romance and feel-good movies so decided I wanted to have something with more  lighthearted. This movie will have romance, adventure, and miracles; to be made for a Christmas season.

Critique Report: Paul Johnson noticed that the text wasn’t a poster font. Maren was concerned about the text too and thought the couple should be a little larger. I changed the description using a poster text and made the couple larger. Betsey thought the left side was too heavy so I changed the images and fonts around to be more centered and evenly displaced. Sister Peterson said the title should be more of a script for the word “Angelic.” The couple image was floating and needed to be blended in better or set at the bottom of the poster. Ben suggested I make the title bigger and centered along with the description at the bottom. He said most posters have big images and fill the page. I followed everyone’s advice.

Fonts: Title – Birds of Paradise Regular and Bell MT Regular (decorative and modern); Body Copy – SF Movie Poster Regular (sans serif)

Images: My exchange son took the picture of me with my camera.  My assistant, Abby Budd, gave me permission to use her engagement picture with her fiancé, Morgan Steiner, from her Facebook page.



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