9A Photographic Study Project


Process:  I was excited to take pictures of my home that I was raised in.  My grandparents took 3 years to build it.  The house is almost 80 years old.  I originally took 25 pictures in various angles then had to choose 12 of the best ones.  A few were taken from an old dead tree to show the top of the house.

I spent hours reviewing tutorials, reading the e-book, and asking people how to use Photoshop after I downloaded the program.  I spent more hours trying to figure out the program by clicking on everything.  I met with Ben who helped me better understand the layers.

The pictures were placed in Photoshop and cropped.  I used the paint brush and made the house orange.  It was awful so I deleted it.  I used the glass window as the texture and really enjoyed using the different options to give it a “mirrored” effect.  I used the overlay, soft light, and color dodge.  The hue gave the extra color in the side of the house for a pastel-colored look.  My favorite photo is the one from the tree that makes it look like I can see the house from a window.

The text was done in MoolBoran Regular and was kept on one line to even out the collage that was created in Photoshop.  I tried placing a black border around the collage, but it didn’t look as good as the white one.

I had one critique.  Kyle, my daughter’s boyfriend, said he thought my pictures looked professional.

canal E side bridge Color Dodge Merge


N side of house

NW side glimpse w washer Overlay merge

front N closeup Hue merge

W side windows soft light merge

cropped window


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