8C LFC Photography Activity

Outdoor Light


Indoor Light






rule of thirds




I went for my morning run down the road and around the corner from where I live.  I took several pictures of the sunrise and chose the best one to depict for the outdoor light.  The indoor light I chose was my daughter’s birthday cake.  My grand-babies and I were celebrating her birthday at their home.

The focus foreground and background was challenging.  I used my table fall centerpiece with one of my big plants in the background.  I took several pictures and found out that it needed more distance to work well.  I moved my table and plant out of my dining room and placed it into my kitchen to get the depth.

I took a picture of my front door for the rule of thirds.  The pumpkin welcome sign was used as the focus point.  Our family cat, Scamp, was used as the lead.  She kept trying to run off so it was difficult to get her to stay in one spot.  My daughter helped to distract her so I could take the picture.

I imported the pictures into the Adobe Light Room.  I cropped a couple of them and made a few adjustments.  A watermark was then added before being exported as a jpeg prior to adding them to my blog.


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