8A Social Media Marketing Project

Company:  The Crossroads
Objective:  To get new students to be excited to eat at The Crossroads on campus.
Strategy:  Create an info-graphic to make student aware of various food options in The Crossroads.


Process and Reasoning:  I work at the BYU-Idaho Campus in a position that oversees the auxiliaries; one being Food Services.  I wanted to create an infographic that would be informative to those who haven’t experienced the food in The Crossroads.  I also wanted to include international students and their food.  I share a space with the International Office and learning about culture and food from around the world is fascinating.  My hope is that new students attending BYU-Idaho would be able to get an idea of what is available at The Crossroads and be excited to enjoy the variety of foods available.

I watched a video to learn how to use the “easel.ly” program.  It was fairly easy to use the drag and drop options.  I copied images and dragged them into the page.  I changed the page a little from the original to make it less asymmetrical and to add more facts.

Critique: On November 4, I met with Ben.  He suggested adding statistics to my infographic and to change my background color from tan to white (which I did).  Dafne replied to my Facebook post.  She suggested the images be a little larger and to change a pixelated picture.  I enlarged a couple of the images.  Betsy thought the slogan should be larger; Linda suggested asymmetry.

On November 5, Sister Peterson said she loved all the visuals and that I had so many.  She said, “It is fun!  There needs a bit more flow.”  She said it was very symmetrical and needed to be less centering.  I moved The Crossroads logo to the left side of the page and added smaller gray lines as she suggested.  The slogan was made bigger.  I added statistics (from Mike Oswald, International Office Director) with a graph depicting international and American students and cuisines. I moved the images so they weren’t as close and tried to fix the subtitles to be more alike.  Sister Peterson critiqued my second update.  She suggested placing the images in a more circular fashion which I did.

Image Source:
The Crossroads

Font Name/Category
Impact, sans serif
Geneva, old style


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