11A Web Page Layout Project




Process:  The audience for my web design is for people of all ages.  They can purchase clothing for any time of the year.  I began by creating my sketch.  I knew that I wanted a tree in the design.  I liked the thought of using the leaf shapes.  Coming up with the company was a challenge.  The title “____ for All Seasons” came into my mind, but it took a while to decide what I would use for the first word.  Once I chose my company, I decided I wanted to use apparel for all seasons.  The four rows of images represent clothing from each of the different seasons beginning with spring.  The color scheme helped to portray the clothing in each season.  To make the clothing more interesting, I varied the unifying of the boxes in a repetitious way.  I kept the top of the web page design and title of the company fairly simple.  A white outline was added to make the title stand out more.  I layered the look for the letters “A” and the number “4.”   I liked how their shapes also matched the alignment of the tree.  Once my sketch was completed, I made a shape map in Photoshop.  Using that as a guide, I began creating my web design.  I chose various image to depict people wearing clothing in different seasons.  I cropped the images and spent hours taking out the background so that they looked better in my web design.

Critique:  My nephew, Ethan, helped me with the texture for the tree and suggested the outline for the title.  Becky thought the typography got lost in the leaves and suggested bringing it out more in the title and footer.  Hillary agreed with Betsy and thought the footer should be centered.  Sister Peterson suggested changing the opacity which I did.  I also changed it for the colored boxes.  Sister Peterson also suggested placing the images in the alignment and sizes and dragging the tree to the bottom of the page.  I replaced a picture, made the jacket bigger, changed the alignment, and dragged the tree down.

Color Scheme:  triadic (orange, green, and blue)

Fonts:  Sakkal Majella Regular (sans serif)

Links to Images

tree bark texture

men’s spring clothing

women’s spring clothing

girl’s summer clothing

men’s summer clothing

men’s fall clothing

boy’s fall clothing

boy’s winter clothing

women’s winter clothing


10A Movie Poster


Message/Audience: My audience is families or anyone that enjoys an adventurous heartfelt love story. I had searched posters from the 1950’s looking for a classic type of theme. I found a poster for a movie called, “Not of This Earth” with aliens that had been made for teenagers. I considered it but changed my mind after I saw a Halloween picture of myself in my angel costume from last month. I like romance and feel-good movies so decided I wanted to have something with more  lighthearted. This movie will have romance, adventure, and miracles; to be made for a Christmas season.

Critique Report: Paul Johnson noticed that the text wasn’t a poster font. Maren was concerned about the text too and thought the couple should be a little larger. I changed the description using a poster text and made the couple larger. Betsey thought the left side was too heavy so I changed the images and fonts around to be more centered and evenly displaced. Sister Peterson said the title should be more of a script for the word “Angelic.” The couple image was floating and needed to be blended in better or set at the bottom of the poster. Ben suggested I make the title bigger and centered along with the description at the bottom. He said most posters have big images and fill the page. I followed everyone’s advice.

Fonts: Title – Birds of Paradise Regular and Bell MT Regular (decorative and modern); Body Copy – SF Movie Poster Regular (sans serif)

Images: My exchange son took the picture of me with my camera.  My assistant, Abby Budd, gave me permission to use her engagement picture with her fiancé, Morgan Steiner, from her Facebook page.


9A Photographic Study Project


Process:  I was excited to take pictures of my home that I was raised in.  My grandparents took 3 years to build it.  The house is almost 80 years old.  I originally took 25 pictures in various angles then had to choose 12 of the best ones.  A few were taken from an old dead tree to show the top of the house.

I spent hours reviewing tutorials, reading the e-book, and asking people how to use Photoshop after I downloaded the program.  I spent more hours trying to figure out the program by clicking on everything.  I met with Ben who helped me better understand the layers.

The pictures were placed in Photoshop and cropped.  I used the paint brush and made the house orange.  It was awful so I deleted it.  I used the glass window as the texture and really enjoyed using the different options to give it a “mirrored” effect.  I used the overlay, soft light, and color dodge.  The hue gave the extra color in the side of the house for a pastel-colored look.  My favorite photo is the one from the tree that makes it look like I can see the house from a window.

The text was done in MoolBoran Regular and was kept on one line to even out the collage that was created in Photoshop.  I tried placing a black border around the collage, but it didn’t look as good as the white one.

I had one critique.  Kyle, my daughter’s boyfriend, said he thought my pictures looked professional.

canal E side bridge Color Dodge Merge


N side of house

NW side glimpse w washer Overlay merge

front N closeup Hue merge

W side windows soft light merge

cropped window

8C LFC Photography Activity

Outdoor Light


Indoor Light






rule of thirds




I went for my morning run down the road and around the corner from where I live.  I took several pictures of the sunrise and chose the best one to depict for the outdoor light.  The indoor light I chose was my daughter’s birthday cake.  My grand-babies and I were celebrating her birthday at their home.

The focus foreground and background was challenging.  I used my table fall centerpiece with one of my big plants in the background.  I took several pictures and found out that it needed more distance to work well.  I moved my table and plant out of my dining room and placed it into my kitchen to get the depth.

I took a picture of my front door for the rule of thirds.  The pumpkin welcome sign was used as the focus point.  Our family cat, Scamp, was used as the lead.  She kept trying to run off so it was difficult to get her to stay in one spot.  My daughter helped to distract her so I could take the picture.

I imported the pictures into the Adobe Light Room.  I cropped a couple of them and made a few adjustments.  A watermark was then added before being exported as a jpeg prior to adding them to my blog.

8A Social Media Marketing Project

Company:  The Crossroads
Objective:  To get new students to be excited to eat at The Crossroads on campus.
Strategy:  Create an info-graphic to make student aware of various food options in The Crossroads.


Process and Reasoning:  I work at the BYU-Idaho Campus in a position that oversees the auxiliaries; one being Food Services.  I wanted to create an infographic that would be informative to those who haven’t experienced the food in The Crossroads.  I also wanted to include international students and their food.  I share a space with the International Office and learning about culture and food from around the world is fascinating.  My hope is that new students attending BYU-Idaho would be able to get an idea of what is available at The Crossroads and be excited to enjoy the variety of foods available.

I watched a video to learn how to use the “easel.ly” program.  It was fairly easy to use the drag and drop options.  I copied images and dragged them into the page.  I changed the page a little from the original to make it less asymmetrical and to add more facts.

Critique: On November 4, I met with Ben.  He suggested adding statistics to my infographic and to change my background color from tan to white (which I did).  Dafne replied to my Facebook post.  She suggested the images be a little larger and to change a pixelated picture.  I enlarged a couple of the images.  Betsy thought the slogan should be larger; Linda suggested asymmetry.

On November 5, Sister Peterson said she loved all the visuals and that I had so many.  She said, “It is fun!  There needs a bit more flow.”  She said it was very symmetrical and needed to be less centering.  I moved The Crossroads logo to the left side of the page and added smaller gray lines as she suggested.  The slogan was made bigger.  I added statistics (from Mike Oswald, International Office Director) with a graph depicting international and American students and cuisines. I moved the images so they weren’t as close and tried to fix the subtitles to be more alike.  Sister Peterson critiqued my second update.  She suggested placing the images in a more circular fashion which I did.

Image Source:
The Crossroads

Font Name/Category
Impact, sans serif
Geneva, old style