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October 26, 2015

7A Magazine Spread Content

By Regina Hull

I am creating a two-page spread of an Ensign magazine article in order to enhance my ability to write and create a design that appeals to an audience of all ages.  I wrote a story from my personal journal about an experience that I had in 1998.  It was at a time of great challenges for my family and for our friend who lived in Logan, Utah.  It happened a few weeks before Christmas.  My Heavenly Father gave me an unexpectant opportunity to serve my friend’s neighbors.  In that act of charity, I was given the privilege to feel of my Savior’s love for me and those women from an older generation that I did not know.  That little gift of charity has enriched my life.  I wish to share that experience of love with others.  My story has been posted with images for my design.

My Savior’s Love

I had a touching, tragic experience that has helped me feel the love of my Savior.  In December 1998, our family wanted to attend our nephew’s farewell, but we were experiencing financial difficulty.  I had prayed that if it was the Lord’s will, we would be able to go.  Our family drove to Logan, Utah, where we enjoyed attending a wonderful Sacrament Meeting.

Before heading back to Idaho, we stopped to visit a friend who lived on the west side of town.  She was a single mother struggling to raise two children.  She’d survived months of extreme trials, and we felt we needed to give her some encouragement.  My husband gave her a blessing.  Just prior to our departure, someone knocked on the door and asked to borrow her phone.  We were told that an elderly lady who lived across the street had gotten ran over.  Soon afterward someone needed to borrow a blanket.  It was very cold outside.  I asked my husband to go check on the neighbor and see if there was anything he could do.

Our children had been playing in the front yard.  I looked out the window to see a handful of neighbors across the street.  I was debating whether to stay in the house or wondered if there was something I could do to help.  I thought I might be needed.  As I crossed the street, I said a little prayer for the grandma lady.  I found out later that she was 98 years old.

As I went across the street, I saw her lying on the road by herself (except for an older gentleman holding a coat around her).  I couldn’t believe that no one was there to give her comfort.  Several neighbors were standing in a group watching from a short distance.  I hurried toward her and bent down to hold a fragile little aged hand.  A small pool of blood was on the road where her chin had been bleeding.  I held a Kleenex to stop the flow of blood.  She lay very still, and my heart couldn’t help but to go out to her as I thought of my own dear grandmother.

As we waited for the ambulance, I heard someone confess, “I did it.  I told her I’d meet her.  I didn’t see her.  I heard someone yell, but I thought it was the kids across the street.”  (She’d been talking about my children.)  I looked up to see another elderly lady.  My heart went out to her.  As I listened, I prayed for this frail little grandma lady who stood alone confessing to running over her sister (as I found out later).  She’d been backing out of the driveway.  It was tragic and heartrending.

As soon as the paramedics came, I hurried to put my arms around this sweet lady.  She looked like she was in her 80’s.  I hugged her and felt her sorrow.  I had such a great love and compassion for these two sweet ladies who I didn’t know.  I stood there, a stranger, thinking how ironic, not the neighbors, but me, giving comfort in a tragic situation, and my heart was deeply touched.

As I tried to console her by telling her it was an accident, another grandma lady rushed over.  I put my arm around her too, hugging two wonderful people.  We clung to each other.  This lady had an inner strength I could feel as she continued to tell her friend that the accident wasn’t her fault.  I loved her.  I thought if I could be like her when I am her age.  She said she was the neighbor, and they looked out for each other.

I felt my Savior’s love so strongly.  It was like I was enveloped in His tender care.  I felt his love for those sweet beautiful grandmother ladies.  As we left Logan, I marveled at the love Christ has for his children and that I could have that great experience of giving comfort at a time of need.  I found out later from our friend, that the sisters were okay.  I am so grateful that we can have love and compassion for our neighbors – whoever or wherever they may be.  As we love others, we can be enveloped in our Savior’s love.

Favorite Sketch

7A Sketch



sisters car

hold hands

Christs hand

Image Sources

Logan Temple

Sisters in Car

Holding Hands

Christ’s Hand


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