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October 26, 2015

7A Magazine Spread Content

By Regina Hull

I am creating a two-page spread of an Ensign magazine article in order to enhance my ability to write and create a design that appeals to an audience of all ages.  I wrote a story from my personal journal about an experience that I had in 1998.  It was at a time of great challenges for my family and for our friend who lived in Logan, Utah.  It happened a few weeks before Christmas.  My Heavenly Father gave me an unexpectant opportunity to serve my friend’s neighbors.  In that act of charity, I was given the privilege to feel of my Savior’s love for me and those women from an older generation that I did not know.  That little gift of charity has enriched my life.  I wish to share that experience of love with others.  My story has been posted with images for my design.

My Savior’s Love

I had a touching, tragic experience that has helped me feel the love of my Savior.  In December 1998, our family wanted to attend our nephew’s farewell, but we were experiencing financial difficulty.  I had prayed that if it was the Lord’s will, we would be able to go.  Our family drove to Logan, Utah, where we enjoyed attending a wonderful Sacrament Meeting.

Before heading back to Idaho, we stopped to visit a friend who lived on the west side of town.  She was a single mother struggling to raise two children.  She’d survived months of extreme trials, and we felt we needed to give her some encouragement.  My husband gave her a blessing.  Just prior to our departure, someone knocked on the door and asked to borrow her phone.  We were told that an elderly lady who lived across the street had gotten ran over.  Soon afterward someone needed to borrow a blanket.  It was very cold outside.  I asked my husband to go check on the neighbor and see if there was anything he could do.

Our children had been playing in the front yard.  I looked out the window to see a handful of neighbors across the street.  I was debating whether to stay in the house or wondered if there was something I could do to help.  I thought I might be needed.  As I crossed the street, I said a little prayer for the grandma lady.  I found out later that she was 98 years old.

As I went across the street, I saw her lying on the road by herself (except for an older gentleman holding a coat around her).  I couldn’t believe that no one was there to give her comfort.  Several neighbors were standing in a group watching from a short distance.  I hurried toward her and bent down to hold a fragile little aged hand.  A small pool of blood was on the road where her chin had been bleeding.  I held a Kleenex to stop the flow of blood.  She lay very still, and my heart couldn’t help but to go out to her as I thought of my own dear grandmother.

As we waited for the ambulance, I heard someone confess, “I did it.  I told her I’d meet her.  I didn’t see her.  I heard someone yell, but I thought it was the kids across the street.”  (She’d been talking about my children.)  I looked up to see another elderly lady.  My heart went out to her.  As I listened, I prayed for this frail little grandma lady who stood alone confessing to running over her sister (as I found out later).  She’d been backing out of the driveway.  It was tragic and heartrending.

As soon as the paramedics came, I hurried to put my arms around this sweet lady.  She looked like she was in her 80’s.  I hugged her and felt her sorrow.  I had such a great love and compassion for these two sweet ladies who I didn’t know.  I stood there, a stranger, thinking how ironic, not the neighbors, but me, giving comfort in a tragic situation, and my heart was deeply touched.

As I tried to console her by telling her it was an accident, another grandma lady rushed over.  I put my arm around her too, hugging two wonderful people.  We clung to each other.  This lady had an inner strength I could feel as she continued to tell her friend that the accident wasn’t her fault.  I loved her.  I thought if I could be like her when I am her age.  She said she was the neighbor, and they looked out for each other.

I felt my Savior’s love so strongly.  It was like I was enveloped in His tender care.  I felt his love for those sweet beautiful grandmother ladies.  As we left Logan, I marveled at the love Christ has for his children and that I could have that great experience of giving comfort at a time of need.  I found out later from our friend, that the sisters were okay.  I am so grateful that we can have love and compassion for our neighbors – whoever or wherever they may be.  As we love others, we can be enveloped in our Savior’s love.

Favorite Sketch

7A Sketch



sisters car

hold hands

Christs hand

Image Sources

Logan Temple

Sisters in Car

Holding Hands

Christ’s Hand


6A Slide Design Project

Ponder the Feet of Thy Path

by President Monson (General Conference, Oct. 2014)

Ponder the feet of our path through life.

We all started on an essential journey when we left the spirit world and entered mortality.

  • Purpose
    • Gain body
    • Gain experience
    • Keep commandments
      • Abraham 3:25


  • Choices
    • Discern between good and evil
    • Find path back to Heavenly Father

Follow Christ

  • Luke 18:22
  • 3 Nephi 27:21, 27
  • Story of woman in Jerusalem
  • John 14:6

Jesuspath had challenges; so does ours.

  • Disappointment
  • Sorrow over Jerusalem
  • Temptation from Satan
  • Pain of Gethsemane

Path of obedience through Christ’s example

  • Prayer
  • Sacrifice
    • 1 Samuel 15:22
  • Scriptures
  • Service

Guided safely home

  • Ponder path of feet
    • Proverbs 4:25
  • Savior’s example – framework


  • As we look to Jesus as our Exemplar and as we follow in His footsteps, we can return safely to our Heavenly Father.


I had a few favorite talks from the October 2014 General Conference.  I looked at President Thomas S. Monson’s “Ponder the Feet of Thy Path” and Elder Russell M. Ballard’s talk “Stay in the Boat and Hold On!”  I felt President Monson’s talk was a little simpler to portray through a PowerPoint Presentation.  I began with a rough draft.  I considered my fonts and colors.  At first, I planned to make the colors as a tetradic combination.  I searched for images that went well with the topic.  The project took a long time.  I was not as familiar with PowerPoint as far as using their design options.  I experimented with the layouts and colors.  I used different text boxes and grouped them together.  I found an image with the footprints.  At first I angled them into the middle of the picture.  It didn’t look very well, so I redesigned it having them left aligned going upward.  I kept making changes to the design to try to improve it.  I made more changes with the critiques I received.  I saved it to a JPEG file then a PDF.


Critique Report:

My assistant, Abby, critiqued my project in the morning of October 19 in my office.  She saw the two designs I’d created and liked the design with the footprints going upward instead of inward.  I chose that design.  My daughter’s boyfriend, Kyle, also looked at the design and thought the font needed to blend in more. He suggested darker colors with lines around the text boxes.  I had made the changes.  Ben Harker critiqued my project on October 21 at 10 a.m. in the BYU-Idaho McKay Library.  He gave several suggestions.  The fonts were not contrasting enough.  He said they should be more grouped or have a strong alignment.  He suggested placing each word in its own text box.  He said my colors were complimentary and should be lighter because they distracted from the main pictures.  He said not to use a border; although, he thought a thicker box around the white image would bring it out better.  I made the changes Ben suggested.  Brandi Casteel Holcomb said she liked my project except for the colors; they weren’t working for her.  I kept the colors.  I thought they went well with most of the images.

Link to Talk:  https://www.lds.org/ensign/2014/11/sunday-morning-session/ponder-the-path-of-thy-feet?lang=eng

Fonts: Microsoft JhengHei UI Light, regular and Lucida Console, bold (sans serif)

Links to images:  footprints, childrendivided path, follow ChristChrist Jerusalem, girl praying, sunlight pathHeavenly Father

Event Flier Project

By byuicomm125


5A Event Fundraiser Flier

Process:  I went online to research ideas for a fundraiser project. I love the fall season and thought it was an appropriate time to do a Harvest Fest. I found a picture online that really stood out. I knew that people of any age in the community would be able to attend. I wanted to appeal to my audience in a way that they could enjoy the fall season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. For my message, I wanted the community to know they could help others by giving to the Idaho Food Bank (the benefactor) while enjoying time eating and doing activities at the Harvest Fest. While doing research, I was excited to learn that not only does the Idaho Food Bank provide meals for hungry families and children, but it also has specialized service programs. These include a Backpack Program, Mobile Pantry Program, Grocery Alliance Program, Picnic in the Park, and School Pantry. The Idaho Food Bank’s primary source of funding comes from individual donations, grants, and corporate donations; not from the government. This is information the audience could find out online or at the Harvest Fest.

I changed my margins, made the page into Landscape then I placed my image in Word and stretched it to bleed across the page. The picture was so big and full of color that I had limited space to place the main information. I originally had the title placed across the top of the page in an orange box. It didn’t look very good. I tried different fonts and sizes to portray a contrast. Seven text boxes were used. I also placed bullet points with the activities and food along with a vertical line in front of them. I wanted to add another pumpkin for repetition and to show that pumpkin painting was an option. I was unable to remove the background from my pumpkin so it didn’t blend in very well. I placed the “Food Bank” logo in a green box on the bottom left-hand side of the page. I wanted to use a split complimentary color (red, orange, and green) for the project. I also wanted to incorporate the “giving” message so added “Thanks for Giving!” to the logo. The project was saved as a JPG file.

Critique Report:  My assistant, Juan, was the first one to critique my project in the afternoon on October 13 in my office. He did not like my black-lettered title in an orange box. I made it transparent so the background was behind the title. Ben was critiqued my project on October 14 at 10:30 a.m. in the BYU-Idaho McKay Library.

He thought the title should be bigger. The font was changed to a white color. Ben also helped me to make the information work better in a white transparent box. To make the pumpkin fit into the box, I condensed the wording for the food and activities into one-to-four words. I also added color to the date, time, location, cost, and activity title using a heading font instead of the body copy. More spacing was made between the date and time and activities to make it easier to read. Betsy and Dafne both thought the text box should be more transparent. I did not change it. Sister Peterson critiqued my project on October 14 online. She noticed the alignment was off and said my painted pumpkin looked like it was floating. I aligned it on the right along with the Idaho Food Bank logo as she suggested.

Color Scheme: Split Complimentary: Green, Orange, and Red

Fonts:  Title-R Julian (decorative)  Body Copy-David (Oldstyle)

Links to images: http://victorsvillage.com/2012/11/25/giving-thanks-to-the-harvest-festival/; http://www.jazzisflowercenter.com/ngg_tag/big-teeth-painted-pumpkin-faces/

Tasteful Typography Project

Tasteful Typography Project

This is my project designed in Word.



When trying to determine an idea for a company blog post, I thought of a book on cassette called “Celebrate Life” by Leo Buscaglia (one of my favorite authors). He was a professor at the University of Southern California in the 1960’s and was well-known during that era as the “love” doctor guru. His passion for life and love for people were phenomenal. For this project, I work for a mental health provider. The two quotes I used were taken from Leo Buscaglia’s book, “Living, Loving, and Learning.” I went to the Google images and discovered the picture of the young lady. She is in shadow looking at the fading sunlight like she could be pondering on her life. The image and quote looked like a good fit. I created my image in Word with the “Landscape” setting then added my quote. I tried different fonts and sizes to portray a contrast. Four text boxes were used. The project was saved as a JPG file.

Critique Report:

Ben Harker was the first one to critique my project on October 6 at 10:30 a.m. in the BYU-Idaho McKay Library. When I asked about his insight, he directed me to samples. I decided that the word “life” stood out more when it was placed in upper caps. Ben also showed me how to use various features in Word to help me with alignment. He suggested I move the title and body to different places to determine what looked better. He had me move the line in different places. I realized moving the line changed the message. When the line was lengthened and placed under “Celebrate LIFE,” it changed the emphasis on the meaning of the message. I decided to place a shorter line between the titles so that the word “LIFE” was still the main focus of the message.

Betsy critiqued my project on the Fall Comm 125 Facebook page. She gave a great insight. She liked my message, picture, contrasting fonts, and layout. She suggested that I place the words closer to the woman and line up the bottom of the words with the seat of the woman. She suggested changing the two spaces after each period and to remove all of the quotation marks around the words. I made all of the changes that Betsy suggested. It looked better.

Meg AmorinoI liked the image and suggested moving the quote to the lower left hand corner and deleting the line under “Celebrate” to place it next to “Life.”  I did not do either.  Sister Peterson thought the “Celebrate Life” belonged together.  I made the word “Life” bigger using the tracking and placed the line under “Celebrate Life” as she suggested.

Links to images:


Font Name/Category

Title: Mongolian Baiti/Modern

Body Copy: Dotum/Sans Serif